OpenText™ Brava!™ for Microsoft® SharePoint®

OpenText™ Brava™ for Microsoft® SharePoint® makes it easy to view, collaborate on, redact and transform virtually any type of file—including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, image files and even videos—right from within SharePoint 2010 and 2013. There is no need to download documents or load additional programs, and Brava! for SharePoint can be easily accessed from search results, list views and even workflows. Quickly scan file thumbnails in search results and perform in-document searches without leaving the SharePoint interface. Brava! for SharePoint’s customizability, scalability and easy-to-use interface make large deployments and rapid adoption a reality in any business environment.

View practically any file, anywhere

The zero-footprint, cross-platform Brava! for SharePoint HTML client lets you view, redact and collaborate on and redact virtually any file on PCs, Macs and even most mobile devices. The full-featured ActiveX client offers adds precise measurements in CAD drawings and robust compare functionality. View 3D files in either an HTML viewer or ActiveX client. And mix an match between clients to provide the perfect experience for each user.

Add markups and annotations

Brava! for SharePoint has a full suite of markup tools for any workflow or document type. Changemark notes let you add and reply to comments, recording the conversation. Subsequent reviewers can easily step through each comment, ensuring none are missed. Each discussion can be marked as high-priority issues, changes needing discussion or any other classification that fits your business processes.

Protect sensitive content

Use Brava's redaction tools to completely remove sensitive information, including metadata, manually, by pattern matching or by text search. In addition, Brava! obeys the SharePoint security model, allowing only authorized users to view, print, transform or comment on documents.

Brava! for SharePoint’s Protected Libraries extend SharePoint security so users with read-only permissions can view, but not download, documents.

Publish secure documents

Transform files from practically any format to TIFF, PDF or the secure Content Sealed Format (CSF), which adds password protection, print restrictions, time bombing and more. CSF files can be viewed in the free OpenText™ Brava!™ Reader.

Easy, drag-and-drop Doc Merge

An optional Doc Merge feature is available as an addition to the latest version of Brava! for SharePoint. Simply drag and drop page thumbnails from multiple files to create a new file—all while leaving original source files intact. The originating files can even be of any type, including Word or Excel documents, CAD drawings, PDF files and even image formats like JPG and TIFF. The new files can be saved into easy-to-share TIFF or PDF files, and users can burn Brava markups, annotations, and stamps and add watermarks and/or banners.